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image of Advances in Communications Satellite Systems Proceedings of The 36th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC-2018)
  • Advances in Communications Satellite Systems Proceedings of The 36th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC-2018)
  • the international communications satellite systems conference (icssc) is one of the most influential technical conferences in the field. the 36th edition was held in october 2018 in niagara falls, canada. these proceedings present a broad spectrum of space communications topics from the conference, from the evolution of geo from traditional area coverage to ultra high throughput satellites (uhts), the growing number of mega constellations expected to enter service in the next decade, navigation applications such as vehicle autonomy, wideband data backhaul from scientific and remote sensing payloads in leo, and the extension of the 5g network to near earth, lunar and deep space environments in support of human exploration.

image of Big Data-Enabled Internet of Things
  • Big Data-Enabled Internet of Things
  • 扫雷群诚信拉人the fields of big data and the internet of things (iot) have seen tremendous advances, developments, and growth in recent years. the iot is the inter-networking of connected smart devices, buildings, vehicles and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. the iot produces a lot of data. big data describes very large and complex data sets that traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with, and the use of analytical methods to extract value from data. this edited book covers analytical techniques for handling the huge amount of data generated by the internet of things, from architectures and platforms to security and privacy issues, applications, and challenges as well as future directions.

image of ICT for Electric Vehicle Integration with the Smart Grid
  • ICT for Electric Vehicle Integration with the Smart Grid
  • 扫雷群诚信拉人electric vehicles (evs) offer a cleaner mode of personal transportation and a new way to store energy, but also present challenges to the grid due to additional distributed storage and load. with rising numbers of evs on the streets, problems can include voltage limits violation or line congestion, mainly at the distribution level. all those operating devices in the grid, from network operators/managers to evs owners, need fast communication with low latency, high security and reliability. the book addresses evs as a driving source for realizing smart grid operation. it provides chapters from multidisciplinary academic and industry communities related to evs charging schemes and technologies, and its associated communication, networking and information architectures. this book for researchers and practitioners provides a basis for full integration of evs into the grid through extensive use of ict tools in: (i) transport as energy storage system (tes) modelling, simulation and optimisation processes; (ii) vehicle on-line optimal control, estimation and prediction; (iii) energy system strategic planning with renewables; and (iv) supporting services such as those related to smart grid via smart charging.

image of Handbook of Mathematical Models for Languages and Computation
  • Handbook of Mathematical Models for Languages and Computation
  • the theory of computation is used to address challenges arising in many computer science areas such as artificial intelligence, language processors, compiler writing, information and coding systems, programming language design, computer architecture and more. to grasp topics concerning this theory readers need to familiarize themselves with its computational and language models, based on concepts of discrete mathematics including sets, relations, functions, graphs and logic. this handbook introduces with rigor the important concepts of this kind and uses them to cover the most important mathematical models for languages and computation, such as various classical as well as modern automata and grammars. it explains their use in such crucially significant topics of computation theory as computability, decidability, and computational complexity. the authors pay special attention to the implementation of all these mathematical concepts and models and explains clearly how to encode them in computational practice. all computer programs are written in c#.

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image of Low Electromagnetic Emission Wireless Network Technologies: 5G and beyond
  • Low Electromagnetic Emission Wireless Network Technologies: 5G and beyond
  • mobile communication systems rely on radiofrequency waves to operate. given the popularity and ubiquity of mobile communication devices as well as network densification, the level of electromagnetic field (emf) exposure to the public is expected to rise significantly over the next few years. although there is no clear evidence linking short-term exposure to emf emission from wireless communication systems with adverse health effects, the international agency for research on cancer (iarc) has concluded that emf radiation is possibly carcinogenic. to cope with the concerns of the general public, the european environmental agency has recommended non-technical precautionary approaches to minimize exposure to emf emissions. rather than relying on these non-technical approaches, emf, latency, network resilience and connection density, alongside traditional criteria such as spectral efficiency and energy efficiency are expected to take centre stage in the development of 5g systems. this book focuses on innovative emf exposure research for future generations of mobile and wireless communications. this timely publication highlights the novel work done on reducing emf emissions in future mobile communication systems and how to develop smart integrated technical solutions.

image of Frontiers in Securing IP Cores: Forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques
  • Frontiers in Securing IP Cores: Forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques
  • 扫雷群诚信拉人this book presents advanced forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques for securing hardware ip cores by exploring beyond conventional technologies. the theme is important to researchers in various areas of specialization, because it encompasses the overlapping topics of eda-cad, hardware design security, vlsi design, ip core protection, optimization using evolutionary computing, system-on-chip design and finally application specific processor/hardware accelerator design for consumer electronics applications. the book begins by introducing forensic detective control and obfuscation mechanisms for hardware and ip core security. further chapters cover hardware stenography, digital signature driven hardware authentication, fault-secured ip cores using digital signature-based watermarks, multi-level watermarking, cryptosystem-based multi-variable fingerprinting, multi-phase and hologram-based obfuscation, and security of functionally obfuscated dsp cores.

image of Asynchronous Circuit Applications
  • Asynchronous Circuit Applications
  • unlike conventional synchronous circuits, asynchronous circuits are not coordinated by a clocking signal, but instead use handshaking protocols to control circuit behaviour. asynchronous circuits have been found to offer several advantages, including high energy efficiency, flexible timing requirements, high modularity, low noise/emi, and robustness to pvt variations. at the same time, growing pressures on the electronics industry for ever smaller, more efficient ics are pushing the limits of conventional circuit technologies. these factors are spurring growing interest in asynchronous circuits amongst both the academic research and commercial rd communities. this book introduces a wide range of existing and potential applications for asynchronous circuits, each accompanied with the corresponding circuit design theory, sample circuit implementations, results, and analysis. it serves as an essential guide for academic researchers and students looking to broaden their thinking in advancing asynchronous applications and design methodologies, and provides practical advice to industrial engineers when considering the incorporation of asynchronous circuits in their own applications.

image of Advances in High-Power Fiber and Diode Laser Engineering
  • Advances in High-Power Fiber and Diode Laser Engineering
  • advances in high-power fiber and diode laser engineering provides an overview of recent research trends in fiber and diode lasers and laser systems engineering. in recent years, many new fiber designs and fiber laser system strategies have emerged, targeting the mitigation of different problems which occur when standard optical fibers are used for making high-power lasers. simultaneously, a lot of attention has been put to increasing the brightness and the output power of laser diodes. both of these major laser development directions continue to advance at a rapid pace with the sole purpose of achieving higher power while having excellent beam quality. the book begins by introducing the principles of diode lasers and methods for improving their brightness. later chapters cover quantum cascade lasers, diode pumped high power lasers, high average power lma fiber amplifiers, high-power fiber lasers, beam combinable kilowatt all-fiber amplifiers, and applications of 2 μm thulium fiber lasers and high-power ghz linewidth diode lasers. written by a team of authors with experience in academia and industrial research and development, and brought together by an expert editor, this book will be of use to anyone interested in laser systems development at the laboratory or commercial scale.

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  • A new, comprehensive review on the principles of current and new swarm intelligence algorithms, inspiring new insights and applications.
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